World War Z is a zombie-themed first-person shooter based on the upcoming apocalyptic movie of the same name. What you should do is survive the intense combat with enormous crowds of deadly zombies. It is destined to be a life-and-death struggle. Equip yourself with any weapons that you can access and wipe out the undead creatures before they approach.

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  • Strategic and action-packed gameplay
  • Different controls: choose to fire automatically or manually, or change to a dual-stick setup.
  • Interaction with environment: explore the surrounding area to search items for additional ammo or XP.
  • Dozens of upgradable weapons and armor
  • Thrilling combat atmosphere¬†


  • Insane assassin

    It’s an alright game,kept my attention for a while.

  • Badwaffleman

    This is a great app. A lot of people are complaining about the app crashing a lot. It tells you in the discription to turn of your apps before you play it. In case you don’t know how to turn of your apps, just double tap the home button and hold down one of the apps until there is a minus sign above them. Then just press the minus signs on all of the apps.

  • Richard Black

    Great game. Engaging storyline, impressive cutscenes and smooth gameplay.

  • Insane Assassin

    It is a really awesome game, worth the bucks.

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Total Score

World War Z is a triumph on visuals. The mix of parallel storyline, RPG and FPS makes it much more interesting. Once you get started, you would probably want to play it through to see how it turns out. But the lack of flexible weapon switch during battle leaves no room to use strategy to fire enemies. View more in World War Z Review.