Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar is an online action RPG, which throws you in the task to save the world of Britannia. The people are suffering from the rapid sprawling of The Black Weep. Assume the epic mission and embark on a treacherous journey to explore the vast world of Britannia, battle horrifying monsters and finally save the world from impending collapse. You may party with friends when diving into perilous dungeons and enjoy the co-operate combat. The fate of the world is in your hand now! Take up your weapon and endeavor to become the Avatar of Renown.

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  • Free to play
  • Elaborate graphics
  • Multi-player online game
  • Emplore a vast world
  • Fast-pace combat
  • Abundant Rewards

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Ultima Forever is a lot of fun to play and it has an enormous amount of content. The entire game can be reasonably completed solo and without buying a single IAP, if that's how you choose to play. The world of Britannia is rich and full of great stories. Mythic has to iron out some kinks with the game's performance, but I'm hopeful it will get much better before they release the game worldwide. If you have a Canadian App Store account, this is a great epic-length RPG to try for free. If you don't, Ultima Forever will be released worldwide this summer, with a more specific date being announced in June at E3. Finally, if you don't have an iOS device that's powerful enough to run Ultima Forever, it will also be coming to Android, PC, and possibly other platforms by the end of the year. View more in Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar Review.