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Transformers Legends is a mobile collectible card game originally for Android. In April 26, the game is available worldwide for iPhone and ipad.

In this CCG that is obviously targeting Transformers hobbyists, you will select a faction between the Autobot and the Decepticon and you don’t need to puzzle over which side you should devote yourself to as this choice merely determines your first leader and your battle team. You will still be able to collect cards from both factions throughout the game. New cards can be obtained through a few approaches, including activating the spacebridge, levelling up, and accomplishing missions. With enough cards in possession to assemble a battle team, you can start gaming any time you want.


Gameplay is usually not the best feature in collectible card games. So it is in Transformers Legends. The game follows an old-fashioned model and there is no noticeable improvement or originality involved expect the concept cards based on the Transformers characters. Your goal is simply to perform some simple missions or to challenge other players. Suppose you want allies, you can invite up to 10 friends to join you and to engage in group fights. That is pretty much all there is to do.

What accounts for the real appeal of Transformers Legends rests with the card collection itself. The game offers hundreds of gorgeous cards, all of which are finely designed and crafted. The character’s art style resembles more of the original cartoon transformers than the transformers showed in the movie franchise. The art designers have done an excellent job and their efforts definitely paid off, because this ought to be one of the best-looking card collections one has ever seen.

Another nice feature about the card collection is that character cards can be enhanced in several ways. They can be upgraded with unwanted cards to improve stats or be equipped with weapon cards. Cards of the same mode can also be combined to create a more powerful card.


Collectable card games like this one always manage to gain large sums of profits by selling limited edition cards or cards that cannot be gathered through regular means. In Transformers Legends, the developer encourages players to purchase “Rare” cards with Cyber Cash, assuring them the store-bought ones will be the guaranteed super rare ones. There is also a built-in cyberdex in the game, tracing all the character cards and weapon cards that have ever been collected, which serves as a daily reminder.

Since DeNA’s CCGs such as Rage of Bahamut has proved to be super lucrative even in the international market, there will be no doubt that Transformers Legends could succeed based on the same gempalay yet movie-inspired background and Cards.