Total Domination – Reborn is a standalone sequel to the fantastic browser-based strategy game of the same name, which has engaged millions of players in its super additive gameplay. Similar to world-renowned Clash of Clan of the same genre, the game tasks you to set up a thriving kingdom from the wasteland. Recruit a might army from 40 unique units and research lost technologies to equip your troops. Rally a group of friends in your clan and start your adventure towards total domination.

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Game Features

  • Brand new shocking graphics and gameplay
  • Recruit myriads of soldiers produced by infantry, Armor Corps, Artillery & Air Force units
  • Research lost technologies to enhance your troops
  • Raid others’ base to plunder resources
  • Join or create a clans to share with friends knowledge, combat experience and resources
  • Omega

    Beautiful design, sounds are stimulating and the gameplay gives you enough incentive to keep you interested. Get this game…you won’t be disappointed.

  • Carissa T. Parker

    Superb detailed graphics, nice music and sounds! Really superd game!

  • Greenleafgamer

    I found a glitch where when you construct something the time would go negative and u cant use any of your builders, but great game.

  • Ponchoninja

    Good game play. But it takes WAY to longg to build forces.

    It needs some tweaks.

  • juliemcarter

    It is a totally awesome game. Its graphics are fantastic and very very realastic to play. The best game for Ios devicesever.

Review Overview
  • Graphics10
  • Controls8
  • Replay8
  • Gameplay7
  • Strategy8
Total Score8.2

It’s not good enough for me to recommend, but it’s not so bad that I’d suggest avoiding it either. If a higher maturity level, some extra economic depth, or a futuristic wasteland theme sound intriguing to you, it is probably worth checking Total Domination out. Read More about Total Domination - Reborn.