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If you were playing City Builders (als known as City building games) on Facebook, you probably know CityVille. But what are the best city building games on App Store? Check out our editor’s recommendation on best city building games for iOS.

1, Megapolis

Megapolis ios

Megapolis features abundant city building elements and covers almost all aspects of life. Splendid architectures around the world from the ancient to modern times are perfectly rendered with the stunning 3D graphics. As the designer, governor and protector of your city, you need to build infrastructure, conduct business, and work on relationships with your neighborhoods. Players can compete to build the most successful city.

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2, Pixel People


Pixel People is a free-to-play city building game for iOS, which adopts the nostalgic pixel graphics. It presents you a world of Utopia where you can create your own people, rendered in the pixel style. A load of secrets are integrated into the game for you to discover and certain buildings will be unlocked as the game progresses, with surprises waiting for you in the end.

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3, Smurfs’ Village

Smurfs' Village ios

Smurfs’ Village, created by Beeline Interactive, brings cute and smart Smurfs into your daily life. You will encounter familiar characters of the original cartoon such as Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Lazy Smurf, Baby Smurf and so on. In the game, you need to build a new nice home from scratch to settle down after Gargamel destroyed the old one. It enables both online and offline play.

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4, SimCity™ Deluxe

SimCity™ Deluxe ios

Come here and be the mayor. You need to lay out a comprehensive blueprint for your city to prosper in a sustainable way. You must take everything into consideration, including infrastructure building, the fiscal and taxation system, and disaster prevention etc. Designed to make the best use of the Retina Display, SimCity™ Deluxe delivers stunning visual effects.

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5, My Country

My Country ios

Here your ultimate goal is to create a well-functioning country. In this game you’ll encounter everything that’s included in the real world. Politics, economics, culture and foreign affairs among others are all handed over to you. Are you ready to take this challenging job and make yourself become a qualified leader through hundreds of tasks?

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6, The Tribez

The Tribez ios

Anyone fascinated by time-travel elements shouldn’t miss this game. Transmitted to the prehistoric time, you’re regarded as the god-sent savior by the aborigines. You take adventures in the mysterious unknown world where you as the leader must lead your tribe to develop it, discover new lands and even tame dinosaurs.

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7, Virtual City Playground

Virtual City Playground ios

Come here to build your dream city! There’s no compulsory task but 85 optional ones are available up to your choice. You are entrusted to build the city to the maximum of your imagination. Over 90 world landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty and Sydney Opera House, are contained in the game. Regular updates help sustain your city to the best.

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8, City Story Metro

City Story Metro ios

City Story Metro promises to give you the most customizable city building gameplay. It boasts the best looking city as long as you have the potential. Here you develop and expand your city from all aspects. It also allows you to exchange stuff with other players. Free weekly updates are provided to further grow your city.

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9, Crime City HD

Crime City HD ios

Crime City HD distinguishes itself from its kind for the fact that the task is not to create a peaceful city but to uplift you as the Mob Boss. As a MMOG, it asks you to devastate your rivals, build your criminal empire and climb onto the highest altar of mafia. Violence, bloody fights and gunplays are integral parts of this game. It will definitely deliver a thrilling and adventurous gaming experience.

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10, Cityville Hometown

Cityville Hometown ios

Cityville Hometown features a highly customizable gameplay. You build houses to attract new residents, help them realize dreams and decorate your city to create a better living environment. What’s more, you can name your residents, stores and houses etc. at will, thus making them unique. You can also interact with friends on Facebook. For example, you may go and visit their cities and exchange gifts.

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11, Castle Story

Castle Story ios

Castle Story is a free-to-play game set on flouring floating islands. You come here to build a glorious kingdom and create an epic story of your own. You raise animals and grow crops on farms, explore mysterious forests and rescue those trapped inside. In the meantime, you have to battle with monsters. Free updates will keep introducing new characters, further enriching the storyline.

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12, Airport City HD

Airport City HD ios

Airport City HD, a free-to-play game, stands out because it is set against a global background. You build not only a city, but also an airport. Then you’re in charge of the international flights around the world. That means you will visit different places and collect exotic artifacts. You make the airport and the city complement each other and aim to build a metropolis in the end.

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13, Trade Nations

Trade Nations ios

Trade Nations features a cartoon style. In the game, you play as governor of a town. You develop lands, do business, plant trees, and serve your residents with job opportunities. Then they will create wealth for you. By this way you lead the small town to become a big city. Delicate graphics, stimulating animations and simple gameplay make it suitable for gamers of all ages.

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14, The Wizard of Oz Game

The Wizard of Oz Game iosapp

Adapted from the famous movie The Wizard of Oz, this free-to-play iOS city builder game presents you an adventure-based city building gaming experience. You build your own Munchkinland and defend it against the Wicked Witch and her Winged Monkeys. You can make friends with Dorothy and Toto, and recapture the most impressive scenes from the original movie as well.

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15, Small City

Small City ios

Small City adopts the freemium mode and features a cute art style. You build restaurants, stores, townships and parks and so on. You provide houses to new residents, dress them in cute costumes, give them pets for company and help them to realize dreams. Besides taking care of your own city, you can also visit other players’ and help them construct theirs.

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