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Our yesterday’s Big Tonight Feature delivered a few great iOS Games including XCOM®: Enemy UnknownGloomy Hollow, and Puzzle Pirates. Today, we are going to show you another three big games for your iPhone and iPad. Let’s take a quick look.

War of Nations

War of Nations1.320x480-75

War of Nations finally launches in the App Store worldwide after months of beta testing in Canada. It’s a noteworthy real-time strategy game from Japan-based GREE, best known as the maker of Kights and Dragons and Modern War. In the game, your goal is to build a solid military base where you set up oil derrick and iron mine to collect valuable resources and research new technologies to grow your army and ultimately lead your troops to battle against enemies. It’s all about strategic planning! It’s all about win and glory! Are you ready to lead your troops to conquer opponent’s bases?

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Eden to Green

Eden to Green 4

You won’t shake off the feeling, at first glance, that Eden to Green is nothing more than a copycat of Plants vs. Zombies. But as a matter of fact, Eden to Green is much better since it brings a notable part of attack instead of emphasizing too much on defense. The green planet of Eden is now facing impending invasion of evil alien machines. You are tasked to fend off the malformed machines with an army composed of an array of lovely plants, and at the same time to revive the energy source named “Euphoria” through ceaseless planting. The epic mission to save the green land is on your shoulder!

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Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is an intriguing puzzler from indie developer Nitrome and published by Angry Birds maker Rovio. Set in an icy Norse kingdom, you must show off your icebreaking skills through 95 in-depth levels in three different lands. Make your way through ice, rope, cannons, explosives, and many more obstacles, and bring back your clan safely to the Viking longboat. With seemingly easy yet truly brain-testing gameplay, this well-devised puzzler will probably make a smash-hit like what Angry Birds and Cut the Rope have done.

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