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Triniti Interactive, the maker of Oh My Hero, has just announced the launch of TinyLegends: Monster Crasher, a new sequel to the popular indie style TinyLegends. The game is currently available on the New Zealand App Store and will be going worldwide on May 8, 2013.

TinyLegends: Monster Crasher is a 3D hack-and-slash RPG in which you are able to choose a class to explore mini dungeons, slay monsters and hunt for materials. The presentation does not differ too much from its predecessors –  TinyLegends – Crazy Knight and Tiny Legends: Heroes. Check out our First Impression Video:

Blew are some information about the game:

Guardian – Armed with a long sword and shield,, guardian shrug off enemy attacks with their unbreakable defense.

Assassin – Those cold-blooded assassins kill their targets without blinking an eye.

Berserker – Those hot-blooded warriors from the frozen north rush into battle with terrifying battle cries and giant blades.