Tiny Castle set you in a Fairy Tale world, where you take on the mission to regain your family’s castle token long time ago by the Evil Queen. Steep in the absorbing storyline, exploring the vast enigmatic world, raising magical monsters, putting up your own kingdom, breaking the curse of the Evil Queen and sending her to hell.

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  • Build up your own kingdom
  • Decorate your territory with shinning elements.
  • Accumulate myriads of magical creatures and breed them
  • Explore the immense world packed with quests and monsters.
  • Stormblade 25

    This game has kept me obsessed for weeks now. The animations for the creatures are funny and really well designed. I love the breeding and the chance to get different creatures each time. The quests keep the game interesting and so much fun. Keep it up and I love the game.

  • Leeleejane28

    Such a joy to play! I love all the decorations, and the freedom it gives me creating gorgeous little habitats for my creatures! I nearly have them all! Still get excited when I hatch a new creature!

  • JessD1909

    I really do love this game, but I am getting frustrated at how difficult it is to breed some creatures. Some more hints would be appreciated.

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