Based on the epic Norse myths, Thor: Lord of Storms is a magnificent role-playing game, which casts you as Thor-Lord of Storms or one of his allies to embark on saving the world from an impending cataclysm. It is a critical time when dark portals suddenly emerge in the Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil and entail tons of devilish creatures crawling out to wreck havoc on the prosperous land. Role play Thor the Thunderer, Freya the Enchantress or Brunhilde the Fierce to build up a mighty army. Lead your army in the endeavor to eliminate the pervasive demons and prospone the prophetic doomsday. The fate of the gods and humans is in your hand!

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  • Free to play
  • Simple controls
  • Based on Norse Myths
  • Challenging and enthralling gameplay
  • Summon mysterious pets as assitance
  • Forge your armies to defeat the evil
  • Three characters to choose from: Thor, Freya, and Brunhilde


  • Hannah8380

    love this game, my husband plays too. He found bonus levels! No matter how many
    times I restart and play trying to find the way to get the bonus levels, I can’t
    get them. That’s quite disappointing!!!

  • Lamb4life

    Fun game. A lot like army of darkness game. A little frustrating how hard the levels get the further your proceed. Almost have to buy upgrades or grind for HOURS. Not bad overall.

  • ShippoFoxOni

    Thought Thor was blonde? Lol. Well still fun… Nothing like smashing some skulls with everyone’s favorite thunder god!

  • Major LAG

    Cute game. Similar to many side-scrolling strategy combat games with increasing stuff and troops at your disposal.

  • Konamazu

    Wonderful just wish you could replay levels so that you could help upgrade your characters.

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