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The Drowning is an iOS first-person shooter developed by Scattered Entertainment, a Sweden-based developer specializing in mobile games. It was firstly released by Mobage on April 11, 2013 for New Zealand App Store.

Over the recent few years, zombie attack has become a popular theme among many movie and TV productions. Scattered Entertainment has kept with this trend and launched The Drowning featuring a post-apocalyptic plot. The scenario in this game is said to be inspired by real-life events that took place in Arkansas City in 2012, when thousands of dead black birds fell from the sky and tons of dead fish were washed ashore. In this game, millions of people are turned into ferocious zombie-like creatures after an eco disaster, and the survived characters have to fight for their life and getaway.

drowning shooting

As a FPS game for mobile devices, The Drowning has greatly refined the control for touch screens. The character moves forward by tapping on the screen, looks around by swiping the screen and turns around by tapping on the bottom. When an enemy is spotted, tap with two fingers to shoot, with the space between the two fingers acting as the crosshairs. Its control feels a lot like using a joystick. Once you get the hang of it, you can experience a perfectly smooth and fierce battle.

In the game, headshot is the only way to eliminate these monstrous creatures once and for all. You can also score higher points with more headshots and combo headshots. Higher score enables you to scavenger hunt for a longer time after a combat and hopefully, find more items. With items obtained, it is possible to craft, equip and upgrade finer weapons and other essential objects.

The game allows equipping up to four weapons that can be freely switched during combats. Weapons in The Drowning vary from one another as in the damage and melee performances, plus in weights. The weapons’ stats could improve through upgrading. And only by crafting all weapons available and completing the arsenal can the final story scene be revealed.

Between combats, you will be traveling across a map by following the storyline. Key objects found and assembled through scavenger hunt are essentially used to unlock and travel to the undeveloped scenes. In each location you arrive at, you can select between two combat modes: attack and defense. In Attack mode, it is all about score high points by head shooting as many creatures as possible. While in defense mode, you earn high scores by stopping the enemies from damaging the barricade.

gloomy background

Aiming to be a top FPS on touch devices, The Drowning features outstanding visual performance that befits its grim background story. You can explore 15 diversified gloomy environments and the 3D graphics make it almost feel gruesome to touch the creatures on the screen even for the purpose to shoot at them.

In The Drowning, the developer remodeled the control scheme, striving to make it revolutionary and console quality. Although its lack of social features is very much regretted, this game still could be a benchmark against which all future mobile FPS games are measured.

  • Controls9
  • Gameplay8
  • Action9
  • Quality8
  • Features8
Total Score8.4

A great FPS that you must have. Especially it is free to download.

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