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Game Introduction

Star Command is a strategy spaceship simulation game that lets you build your own spaceship to battle alien civilizations across the infinite galaxy. Having played the game for a good period of time, I have culled some experience and tips from trial and error, and want to share with you guys to help you explore the universe faster and get more rewards from these inter-galactic wars

Build the right crew for a battle

There are three classes of crew members, namely Tactical, Science, and Engineer. They wear shirts of different colors and can be reassigned when needed. Initially you have to spend a token to hire one crew member and he/she appears in the Bridge and can be customized via renaming. Tap on him/her, a reassign icon as well as available classes will glow. You need to make timely adjustment according to the status quo. For example, when you have hordes of zombies boarding on your ship, you can make a few members don the red shirts as an expedient to gun down the zombies. Some other useful tips include having two engineers in the dodge room, so that you can get your tokens refilled faster. Also you don’t need to keep every room occupied. A manned engine room does not make much different from an empty one. But you definitely want to put as many staff as possible into the weaponry room during long ranged battleship vs battleship scenarios, because more people means faster shooting speed. So hire as many of them as you can!

Put your ship into good shape with the right facilities

I quite doubt if a real battleship has anything that resemble Dodge Room at all. But in Star Command, it is an absolute must have and can cancel any incoming damages. Whatever attacks are thrown in your way, tapping on the dodge function produced or refilled by the Dodge Room can disable them at once. Also you surely need Plasma Cannon, the biggest and most powerful weapon of all. Build it at the start so that you can spare a lot of unnecessary losses. You know you can always back it up with a laser gun or something later. Healing room is also of great importance. You can use it after a battle to heal your bruised crew, and more conveniently you can use it to heal your fighters whenever you think they cannot hold out longer.

Destroy on-board enemies most effectively

As I have talked about the healing facility just now, I would like to let you know the importance of its inhabitants – the blue shirts. They are wonderful healers though quite vulnerable in fact of attacks. Therefore, you can mass up red shirts on the front line and allocate a few blue shirts behind them to heal them if they take damages. Yes, isn’t that clever? Your red shirts are enjoying a shooting spree while being comfortably healed.

Maximize you token rewards

Blue, yellow, and red tokens are the premium currency in the world of Star Command. They are everything that matters in the game. You need them to hire crew, build facilities, and upgrade them. However they do not come in large quantities, even after you have trekked through a pretty nasty battling scenario. But hear this. You can try your luck on Mercury. Ant alien scouts may swarm in a group of 500, 300 and 300 depending on your luck. When you have updated weapon rooms and additional crew, to beat the 200 and 300 is merely a walkover bringing easy tokens for you.

Use your tokens to the best

My suggestion for you is to hire as many crew as you can afford and upgrade your weapon room and redshirts whenever you can. By doing so, you don’t have to dread either on-board aliens or aliens on a remote battleship. In the first case, just assign enough red shirts and back them with blue shirts, while in the later, only remember to take the chance to fire whenever there is one.

Steer your ship safety in the galaxy

When in Rome, do as Romans do. So follow the rules of the universe when you are in it, even if you cannot quite fathom its logic sometimes. Don’t ask why there are some spinning dots out there while in the height of a combat. Just tap them when they roll into the small circles (in case you don’t know). Tap the dodge button, if it is available, when there are warnings of attacks. Press the firing icon to preempt your enemies’ offensive move. Also besiege on-board races on every corner while always leave a leeway for your crew to regain health.

Reloading is not a shame

The last thing I have learned over time is that sometimes giving up a battle can be the best policy. When the tokens are only a paltry sum, and your crew are dying one by one, reloading your saved game and doing it all over again may give you a new chance to earn tokens to spend on useful upgrades. Why sticky around a hopeless battle when you can easily rewrite your battling history?

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