Star Command is a space-themed strategy game that puts players in command of a starship. Players build their own ships, form their fleet, hire talented crew and enhance prowess by acquiring new skills, adjusting battle strategies, and installing powerful gear onto the ships. In that way, they will be ready to battle against assorted aliens lurking in the universe.

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  • Ships of different functions available
  • A variety of aliens as the enemies
  • Emphases on science, strategies and engineering leading to different strengths and weaknesses


  • Kelly Ouyang

    Even though compared to console games it’s horrible but this is my favorite mobile game!

  • Charles

    This game isn’t very good. Every battle plays out the same, everywhere you go in the world that isn’t a story mission gives a shitty random grinding battle and theres no point playing through more than once because the bigger ships only have 2 weapons still and you still have only 10 crew on a bigger ship, making it impossible to play.

  • Ethan Finster

    I love the humor in this game although i think it picks at star trek a bit to much.

  • Connor Rowland

    Well I played through a bunch last night. More fun than a side scroller or temple runner for sure. Gameplay unbalanced. Very very linear. Have to admit some disappointment. Will play more no doubt but for how long…? I’ll go in depth on my web site later this weekend. It’s $2.99 Buy it. It’s worth the experience.

Star Command Review Coming Soon