Slots Saga – new adventures! is a casual slot game with colorful and stunning graphics, multiple realms and themes, and rich payouts for winners. Players can try their luck along their adventures in Lost City of Atlantis, Medieval Times and many more, each of which are detailedly pictured and offers unique bonuses together with plenty of spins. Moreover, different sizes of reels coming along with different numbers of symbols aim to attract players with enticing payoffs.

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  • Multiple sizes of reels with different number of symbols
  • Great presentation of various themes and realms
  • Lots of free spins and attractive payoffs
  • Baby Bargain

    Very fun and you don’t even need to buy coins. I’m at 12 million, didn’t buy anything.

  • Aganny

    Exciting, creative, a bit confusing when I want to buy credits. Fun

  • Audrie Rogers

    downloaded this app yesterday on my android, have clocked all levels, have some 220million coins and no more levels to play…bored now…lol

  • Douglass Smith

    how do you play slots saga new adventures

Slots Saga – new adventures! Review Coming Soon