Developed by Gameloft, Six-Guns is an action adventure combining shoot-outs, dungeon crawls and horseback races etc. Set in the mysterious Wild West, the game thrusts gamers into the role of Buck Crosshaw, who is an outlaw and is escaping to the region of Arizona. Bandits, robbers, vampires, monsters and more are all lurking along the way, though the beautiful landscapes seem perfectly innocuous on the surface. To move forward, you must accomplish 40 missions with various tasks, such as racing horses, taking down robbers, and defeat waves of other enemies. Luckily, there are 8 unlockable horses and 19 weapons to aid you on this danger-strewn journey.

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  • 40 challenging missions with a variety of tasks giving a sense of depth
  • Waves of human and unnatural foes offering thrilling shooting/action fun
  • Seamless blend of shooting, dungeon-crawling, racing and more


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