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Scurvy Scallywags is a unique match 3 game released for iOS. The main objective of the game is to get your pirate to match items like skulls, presents, and enemies. The more you match, the higher your score and rewards will be. With the game’s RPG elements, you can also customize your character with passive skills and upgrade weapons, adventure through different islands to do quests, and hunt for treasures.

Scurvy Scallywags 2

From the layout to the character designs to the gameplay, this pirate-themed match-3 game with RPG elements, just like “Puzzle and Dragons” and “Heroes and Monsters”, can be really addictive.

Right when you launch the game, you get a sleekly designed menu that still retains an old school feel with some catchy tunes, though it can get repetitive and annoying after some time. You start customizing your character with a few options such as hats, shirts, swords, heads and more.

Once you’re done creating your pirate, you’re given a story explaining tasks you have to do. You then travel through islands (as the game description says, ‘mysterious jungle, desert, ice and fire islands’) and start matching items.

Scurvy Scallywags 3

Hearts in Scurvy Scallywags represents your HP, and you have three of them at the start. If a stronger enemy pirate is close to your character, don’t move and you will lose a heart. At this time, you can use your arsenal of skills to succeed. With enemy pirates who might be stronger than you, you have to think carefully and make good use of your perks such as swapping pieces.

As you defeat pirates and enemies, you get gold and level up, being able to upgrade your passive skills and weapons such as the Blunderbuss which allows you to shoot at enemies, dealing a lot more damage than usual. Like classic RPGs, these moves come with a cooldown so you can’t use it frequently. You must decide when the time is right to use your moves.

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There are also side-quests such as “Find Leaky Pipes”, “Find 3 bags of fertilizer to weaken plant monsters”, or “Find 16 verses of the Ultimate Sea Shanty” which will give you rewards, mainly Gold. You can use these Gold to buy accessories for your pirate which will enhance your experience in-game. Alternatively, you can buy a Gold Doubler to double all the gold you collect in your adventure. That’s not all, you can also buy up to 9 different ships and upgrade them to improve your pirate’s stats.

On the other hand, the game features an achievements board displaying all your feats such as crafting your first ship and clearing 2 islands. In fact, you can complete as many as 50 GameCenter achievements.

Even if you complete the game, there is a replay value as the islands are randomly generated and you can still have fun playing this addictive game.

All in all, Scurvy Scallywags is a breath of fresh air and with the iPhone/iPod retina display, it is a joy to play. Give it a shot even if you don’t prefer this genre and you may love it as it’s the modern match 3 game with RPG elements, a truly unique game.