Zynga, the well-renowned social game developer behind Eden to Green and BattleStone, shoves the festival of San Fermin in front of your eyes with its new parkour game Running with Friends HD. Join in the wild run one step ahead of a horde of outrageous bulls. Dodge obstacles on the way and even perform roof run! Enjoy the overwhelming excitment in the online canrival.

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  • Run as a ninja, ballerina, or zombie
  • Ride bucking bulls for premium rewards
  • Compete with friends and others online
  • Attempt to rank high on the Leaderboard

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  • RGreggo

    For whatever reason after doing the “smart match” I got 13 games all at once and I didn’t invite them. It’s been about a week and these players aren’t playing but since it’s their turn, I can’t resign. I also can’t delete. Maybe add a delete button to games (with the typical swipe action) to ALL games not just the “finished” ones.

  • Jystme38

    I love this better than temple run, but if you love any of the temple run games, you will definitely like this and it is kewl because you get to run against your friends or other individuals. Only thing I don’t like this is it wants load up and play on first generation iPad for some reason.

  • Typelt2k

    Why do all Zynga games have to be linked to Facebook. I hate Facebook. Why I can’t play with my twitter friends? It’s an ok game, though I just wish that I could play with twitter friends.

  • Sided disk

    I’m on the iPad mini and so far this is the only game that has dropped frame rates. I suggest doing an update before more people download and more bad reviews coming in. Greate gameply though. Just please fix.

  • GreanBeans

    I love it! I wish there was a single player mode to practice though! I posted on Facebook asking for my friends to download and a bunch are hooked on it too now! If a paid version comes out, I’ll buy it to get rid of the ads! And the sounds are entertaining!

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