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If you love playing Amateur Surgeon 2 on web browsers or iOS devices, you will be delighted to play Amateur Surgeon 3 on your iPhone and iPad. Starting today, you can now download Amateur Surgeon 3 for free in the New Zealand App Store and in the US tomorrow.

Last month, Adult Swim, best known as the publisher of Robot Unicorn Attack, launched Amateur Surgeon 3 for iOS in Danmark and later it was pulled from the App Store. Now it appears in the New Zealand App Store and more likely to launch in the US App Store tomorrow.

In Amateur Surgeon 3, your job is to fly across the world, bringing the gift of makeshift surgery to the desperate and needy. You will meet 8 colorful bizarre partners with special skills to help you. Your partner Mister Giblets is a small dog with a human brain in a jar on his head, which increases his intelligence massively. As you complete more surgery missions, you will be able to unlock more partner.

If you are serious about becoming a genuine amateur surgeon, just make no mistake to heal patient’s wounds or performs operation for them.

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