Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a side-scrolling parkour game based on the original Robot Unicorn Attack. As a sequel, it features new music, new environments, power-ups and unicorn upgrades. Control a robot unicorn to leap and dash in the dream-like scenes without falling off the edge while avoiding obstacles, cracking crystal stars and gathering power-ups along the way. It’s really a fantastic game with addictive gameplay.

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  • Exquisite graphics
  • Simple mechanics
  • New background songs to buy
  • Various customization options
  • Run smoothly without any lag

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Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Cheats Video


  • ty

    soo much lag on this game y.y

  • Lissandra

    This isn’t available for android, but will it be?

    • AppsGoer

      For iOS

      • Lissandra

        Yes I know, but will it -ever- be available for other kinds of phones?

        • AppsGoer

          As Far as I know, you can only play this game on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Other phones like samsung, HTC are built with Android. so you cannot play it there.

          • Lissandra

            Completely misunderstanding my question. I am aware that you can only play RUA2 on iOS. My question is whether or not RUA2 will ever be available for non-iOS phones. My question is -not- what phones you can play it on. You keep answering the question I am not asking instead of the one I am.
            Just say “don’t know.”

          • AppsGoer

            Since the RUA was not available on Android, so I do not think RUA 2 can be played for non-iOS phones. especially android phones.

          • Lissandra

            Ah. Thank you.

  • marco tuvalorenzo

    Love the new features while still offering pretty much an improved 2 button time killer game! Nice gfx and the drive.

  • Rderas

    Gameplay is standard RUA jump and dash however extremely smooth. Graphics seem more fluid and appealing than previous titles. I would definitely recommend.

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Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is an addictive, easy-to-play game to pass time. The somehow girlie style might be holding it back though. Besides, among today's sea of runner games, its gameplay does not really stand out. Read More about Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Review

User Rating: 4.2 (2 Votes)