Rise of the Blobs is a colorful 3D puzzle matching game developed by Robert Invader. The gameplay is similar to that of classic Nebulus and Tetris. In the game, players must attempt to prevent a pile of colored blobs from reaching the marshmallow at the top of the cylinder. Various kinds of fruits are used as weapons to stop the attack of blobs.

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  • 3D graphics: colorful and fruity screen with high-quality visual effect makes the game “tasty”.
  • Simple mechanics: you can play this game simply with one finger.
  • Considerate guidance: upon the first entry, you will find the guidance course very helpful, even if you are a newbie.
  • Multitudinous rewards and props: new game modes, power-ups, time bonuses, boosters, etc. will be unlocked as leveling up.
  • Connection to Facebook: you are enabled to play this game on Facebook, and compare your scores against your friends.

Rise of the Blobs Review Coming Soon