Reign of Dragons is an amazing card game, bringing you in a world of dragons. You are assumed to be the next dragon king, as your predecessor has been murdered by the Shadow beasts. You will take on the mission to seek for powerful dragons to assist you in epic combats against the Shadow. Amass fierce dragon cards and evolve them into more powerful forms. Participate in global tournaments for paramount glory.

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  • Stunning visuals and intriguing gameplay
  • Upgrade and evolve your cards to maximum
  • Join guilds and compete with others
  • Free updates with new quests and new cards
  • Nikita

    Simply amazing! Addictive game that just makes you wanna collect everything and will keep you entertained for ages.

  • Michael Smale

    Fantastic collectible card game, one of the best around. Addictive gameplay and great artwork!

  • Suss13

    There are so many bugs in this game. Don’t waste any money on the potions as they keep changing the game half way through an event to require you to buy more potions. System crash may cause the loss as well.

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