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Redline Rush is a fast-paced racer from Dogbyte Games Kft, the creators of Offroad Legends. With mixed gameplay of treasure collecting and cops evading, the game feels like a lovechild of Temple Run and Need for Speed. The wonderful combination infuses tension, suspense, surprises and fun simultaneously into the game, making it one of the most thrilling racer games ever. I have played it for several hours in a row and invariably find myself enormously enticed to have “just another round”at the end of each run.

Grabbing some fortune on the run has become increasingly difficult in the venue of games. Previously you just need to shun a few environmental obstacles, such as trees, rivers, rocks and tricky plants, like what you are asked to do in La Vamp. Or you impersonate a mighty robber running away from pressing predators, as the case with Temple Run. Each time you meet your doom, you might think escaping on foot is much too taxing and things will definitely improve if you were provided with a car. Sadly, they get worse, as you can see in Redline Rush. Numerous barricades, crowded traffic, hunting police cars all threaten to crash you to pieces on one hand, while uncountable coins, powerful boosts and mysterious gifts lure you immensely on the other, so practically you will find yourself torn by fear, ambition, thrill and regret all the time in Redline Rush!


To begin with, a simple and clear tutorial acquaints you with everything you need to know about the game. You are told what things you want to grasp along your way, what things you need to stay away from and how to control your car. Talking of controls, they are really a doodle to pick up. Two arrows let you move your car to the right and left as you wish, and the boosts you have got or purchased are handily placed nearby the two arrows or the upper corners, ready to jump into effect anytime. Just don’t worry about the controls. They are deliciously simple. You will pick them up in no time.

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Then you are ready to take a bite of the centerpiece of the game, which seems easy but turn out truly challenging and interesting. Starting with a customized car which you choose at the Car Dealer and paint it in your style, you are initially introduced to the Highway, where rows of coins wind along the the road, boosts drop in once in a while and obstacles abound all around. Each level features 3 missions, such as collecting 3 Green Gems, 4 Magnets, 200 coins in a single run. When you finish them all, you level up and get rewards of upgrades, boosts and gifts, like some Score Multipliers, Start Boost and Sonic Attack. However the challenging missions may sometimes let you down by asking you to do the run once and again, but random valuable collectibles never make your replay feel the same. So the game always provides a strong incentive for you to move on until you scale to a new level.

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Greater surprises come when you get to higher levels. You may unlock a whole array of racing cars, including Porsche, Lamborghini, Dodge and more, provided if you have gathered enough coins. Also, when your savings are big enough, you can access to more landscapes to test your driving skills, like Canal and Greenwood, which constantly motivates you to gain more coins.

Redline Rush is a really addictive racer with easy-to-master controls, lots of fast cars to choose and stunning crash effects. Even if it asks us to hit the same road repeatedly before we are able to purchase new racing scenarios, different missions, randomly distributed boosts, innumerous coins and lots of purchasable items all contribute to making each run uniquely gripping.

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