Pocket Mine is a new Dig game where you start your adventure by tapping the dirt blocks to dig a hole as deep as you can. During your adventure, you will find treasures, rare artifacts and earn some rewards. Some blocks will release special ore loot items once destroyed; some blocks require two taps to be destroyed. Also, there are treasure crates that can be cracked and they contain more treasure items. But you cannot dig fast enough, or avoid being crushed.

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  • Collect and build booster cards to maximize your digging
  • ¬†Use Bomb Crates, Dynamite Crates, Drills and other power-ups to boost your digging
  • Support gamecenter and learderboards
  • zkrap komori

    you should edit more info ,like its available in “xxx appstore”. ’cause many app i found its available only on [NZ appstore]

  • Leo Tran

    The game was amazing until recently. It crashes every time i launch it. I use iphone 5 with ios 7

Pocket Mine Review Coming Soon