Pirate Maidens is a card battle game from Aeria Mobile. The gameplay is almost identical to many other games of this stagnant genre. Choose one from the three storylines, exchange energy points for progress points, obtain treasures and level up. In addition to the story mode, players may challenge other pirates in the PvP mode and unlock new pirate cards.

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  • Sexy female characters
  • Over 300 collectible pirate cards
  • Separate factional storylines to follow through
  • Challenging boss battles
  • Multiple battle modes
  • Invite friends to expand and strengthen your guild
  • Tom

    This game is pretty much a rage of bahamut clone, just with pirates. Graphics are great, the game runs smmothly.

  • Henry

    This game is just very addictive and all I want to do is get stronger. Really great game when you get into it! There is really no sound to speak of.

  • Janney

    A couple of things make the game distinctive, like a Rock, Paper, Scissors type strength/weakness system on the cards and running in to other players while questing. The ability to change your nation is also welcome.

Pirate Maidens Review Coming Soon