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As you might already know, Clash of Clans has been a mega-hit in Apple Store ever since its appearance with billions of downloads up to now and millions of dollars revenues on a daily basis. Naturally imitative titles mushroom afterwards, brazen but understandable in wishing to steal a slight piece of the lucrative cake. But we never thought Perfect World, such a well-known game developer and publisher, would publish This is War, a Blatant ripoff of “Clash of Clans”.

Coming out on May 13, 2013, This is War is now available in Chinese 91 Jailbroken App Store, currently in Chinese only. Whether the game can go worldwide hinges pretty much on what the Apple Approval Team respond. According to what we know, with such outright plagiarism, the game is not likely to get passed by the Apple team, considering their relatively tough regulations.


However, things might be a little different in Google Play Store. They have less strict requirements, which explains why a handful of titles get to hit Google Play some time earlier than on iOS. Taking this into consideration, it is not impossible for Perfect World to make an undeserved splash in Google Play with this cheap ripoff some time this year.


All developers and publishers are understandably keen on splitting the margin in the market, but still there should be some rules to guarantee basic fairness if we don’t want to see whole game world devastated by evil cheating. Perfect World should have known better to make its profit through honest work, instead of having its name smeared by short-sighted vision and evil speculation.


We have spotted two more clones of “Clash of Clans” as of press time: Clash of the Kingdoms for iOS, and Dragon Empire: Clash of Orcs for Android.