Nuclear Outrun is a physics-based driving game that takes place in a zombie-infested city. In the game, you drive a truck along the rugged city streets and blast away zombies and obstacles as you try to escape from the horrific city. You also need to rescue survivors with special abilities by driving past them along the way. Drive as far as you can before the nuclear missile hits, and collect as many coins as possible to unlock new weapons and vehicles.

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  • Physics-based driving and shooting gameplay
  • 25 powerful weapons to unlock and upgrade
  • 30 survivors with unique abilities to rescue and collect
  • 18 vehicles with different speed and armor to buy


  • exomasher23

    Best weapons lineup of any zombie shooter. Double period..

  • Chuy_Boludo

    Download… hot to have it.

  • Shadowhntr

    Really good but its hard to earn money and it could take weeks or probaly a month just to get at least some good stuff.

  • Pie Dud

    Just wished theres was a way to drive the car and let the drivers shoot.

  • Wilas3564

    It’s so much fun but I wish you would get coins when you kill zombies.

  • Nasty college girl

    I found this game addicting at first then got boring for me.

  • Abraham

    This game is outstanding and really fun. Keep the games and updates coming!

  • Fat Kebob

    If I could figure out why all of the sudden my vehicle goes up on its rear end and slows its way through the rest of the game it could be fun. But that is just annoying!

  • Jonathan locklear

    Every time I click the game it goes back to the home screen.

Nuclear Outrun Review Coming Soon