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Today’s top list is like a smash-up of all genres: simulation, action, strategy, shooter, adventure, etc. No matter which genre you like, you will definitely find at least one game that fits your play style. Go check yourself.

Monster Legacy

Monster Legacy5

Monster Legacy is a cute monster collecting and battling game set in a fantastic world where you need to tackle over 40 risky quests across 14 epic landscapes. Forge your team of monsters and develop them into special forms. You may capture feral monsters to enhance your team and battle with rivals to gain epic loot. Enjoy a thrilling adventure if you dare to set your foot on unknown lands.

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Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes
eternal descent
Adapted from Athenian comic Eternal Descent, Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes is a 3D side-scrolling action game. You should carve a path for lost souls lurking in darkness and bring peace back to them. Heavy metal music decides either you win or lose. So get ready to power up along the way with tag-team aids to slay myriads of enemies.

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Battle Beach

Battle Beach1

Battle Beach is a rich mix of tower defense, city building and real-time online strategy. It is your destiny to wipe out the Marauder hordes and restore the peace in the world. Build and defense your city and establish an alliance with others. Recruite your mighty army of snipers, tanks and powerful Eco-Suits in epic battles against other players for rewards and glory.

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Ballad of Solar: Brotherhood at war

Ballad of Solar Brotherhood at War4

Ballad of Solar: Brotherhood at war is an outstanding tower defense game, featuring immersive gameplay and desirable environments. Chose your hero out of three powerful heroes and prepare for battles. 7 diverse locations in 16 levels are there to be explored. Come and enjoy this awesome defense game smashing tons of oncoming enemies.

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Soul Savior

Soul Savior3

Soul Savior is an action-packed adventure game throwing you in shoes of Terokan, who used to be an angel and is now punished to patrol the sky. The only way to resume your identity is to accomplish the mission to free souls from the evil forces. Upgrade your skills in 70 missions and utilize 5 insane power-ups in unbelievable boss battles. Come and fight for your honor and freedom!

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Zombies!!! ®3

Adapted from the hot board game of the same name, Zombies!!! has come to your mobile devices. You are going to blow up your way through bloodthirsty zombies and arrive at the heliport earlier than all your friends. Roll the dice and move zombies into your friends’ way to slow them down. You can build a city to outplay others, and collect hearts and bullets to survive longer.

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MetalWars3 is a first-person shooting game, featuring realistic graphics and extraordinary shooting experience. You will take on secret missions. Select from over 40 weapons and battle with foes in over 20 stages in multiplayer mode and in infinity mode. Defeat the pilots to upgrade your weapons and equipment. Now control with the joystick and eliminate all enemies!

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