Mirrors of Albion from Game Insight is a brand new hidden-object RPG, mixed with the ingredients of detective work and fascinating fantasy. The story takes place after the mysterious disappearance of a young girl named Alice Fleming. As a new detective, you are designated to search for clues in the Victorian-era London. After uncovering several valuable clues and solve the street crimes, you should collect items to unlock more of the city map. Your eventual goal is to smash the evil conspiracy of the Red Queen.

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  • Gorgeous visual effects and soundtracks
  • Challenging hidden-object gameplay
  • Compare high scores or challenge friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Drastic battles with criminals in London
  • Multiple gaming modes
  • Code132

    It’s a great game and I love it so much. The game has great graphics and the story has lots of details, but the re-energizing takes too long. Everything costs too many crystals.

  • Sharnzdogga

    I really enjoy it, but I don’t want to wait around to re-energize or spend crystals solely on energy or food.

  • Jason

    Good game, but buying extra crystals is too expensive. Items should either cost less or be easier to find. Thanks!

Mirrors of Albion Review Coming Soon