Marvel Pinball is an arcade pinball game that features superb Marvel Comics-themed pinball tables and exciting physics-based pinball gameplay. It is a must-have for pinball fans. The game utilizes the traditional controls of pinball game, requiring players to launch the steel ball into the playfield with a plunger, and control the path of the ball with a pair of movable flippers. What you should do is use your pinball wizardry to help the Super Heroes get rid of the notorious Super Villains.

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  • Amazing table artwork with animated characters
  • Exciting physics-based pinball gameplay
  • Highly detailed Marvel Comics-themed tables including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and many more
  • Multiplayer mode


  • not worth 2 a table

    definitely did not expect only one table will be given for the initial purchase and any others would be paid desperately

  • brando1985

    It would have been a good game if it didn’t ask an arm and a leg for additional tables. You only get one for the initial buy. Don’t waste your buck.

  • Hydra vein

    Graphics and gameplay are good.

    Atable for a buck, that is reasonable. Is it a deal, probably not.

    2 bucks for each additional table. Reasonable as well. I don’t see myself buying more than a few of them, because it would add up to more than i want to spend on pinball.

  • deiong

    Not worth 2 a table.
    Would have been a no brainier at 2 tables for 99, would grabbed them all. And maybe half of them at 99 a table and eventually get them all.

  • Hydra vein

    Graphics and game play are good.

    A table for a buck, that is reasonable. Is it a deal, probably not.

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