Man of Steel HD is an action-packed 3D brawler that relives the events of the Man of Steel movie. As a movie tie-in game, the title offers an in-depth story mode and an intense survival mode. In the story mode, you can utilize your super powers to defeat General Zod and his dark forces as you follow the storyline of the movie. In the survival mode, you can fight with progressively more difficult enemies to see how long you can survive. Winning battles will earn you experience points to unlock suits and upgrade skills.

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  • Highly detailed animations and interactive 3D environments
  • Unlock and purchase up to 6 different suits from the movie
  • Fight as a superman and create deadly combos all with swipe controls
  • Story mode and survival mode


  • Jetshater

    Fun game very addictive, the dodge controls can be improved upon. I’m sure some would say its skill but the villain attacks before the dodge controls appear. For the first version its a great game!

  • Mebabyme1

    You can only punch and dodge punches. You cannot do anything else.

  • Rodimus25

    This game belongs in the same class as The dark knight rises, Avengers initiative, and Arkhan City.

  • Skylanders

    Come on, i mean smashing people through backgrounds, amazing power ups! This is a game the whole world should see! One thing, could you add in the superman returns costume.

  • Bond 50

    Thanks for making it for iphone 4/ipod 4 but the problem is I can’t fight the super soldier because it keeps crashing please fix the bugs in next update.

  • crruasder1988

    Still a little laggy, but now able to play! One more bug fix & we’ll be right as rain! You have given us an ideal to strive towards so we can accomplish wonders!

  • Mr. Weird

    This is an amazing game. I can’t stop playing it is addictive.

  • Louis Pagenkopf

    Not working on my nexus 7 (2013 gen) it crashes on startup. Anyone else have this problem?

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While Man of Steel may not be one of those games that lasts through the ages, it fulfils its purpose as an appetizer/companion to the movie well. Certainly for those disinclined to see the movie, or for those with no prior knowledge of Superman, I can confidently say that Man of Steel has enough substance to stand on its own merit. Give this one a go — I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I know I was. View more in Man of Steel HD Review.