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Leviathan: Warships is a warship battle strategy game that allows you to choose among a handful of fleets composed of customizable warships to join maritime wars in different game modes. With over a dozen maps and multiple weapon and ship options, the game delivers a comprehensive and realistic war experience ranging from fleet configuration to ship maneuvers.

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I never thought it could take so much to survive a maritime war. You need well-equipped warships, effective navigation, timely warship maneuvers, and most important of all, a strategical mind. Actually you have to jumble tactically several tasks simultaneously – predicting the way your enemies are coming, rotating the turrets accordingly, choosing weapons of the right range and navigating your ships to the best position, to name but a few. Leave one of them ignored and your ship may be open to a barrage of fires that could have been easily avoided otherwise. However there are times when you have done all that you can, your ships still take tons of damage. Don’t be indignant. Isn’t it exactly the way wars have always been? No matter how clever you are, you just cannot get away intact.

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There is indeed a way to keep your loss to a minimum, though – knowing the rule of wars of this game. In the world of Leviathan: Warships, you must get prepared for four types of wars which all threaten to devour your ships with brutal enemy ironclads. Campaign mode sends you on nine different missions, such as defending an extraction facility at Caprae Peninsula and searching for a missing vessel. In this mode, successful execution of one mission will automatically unlock the next, and these missions are naturally stringed together by a riveting and convincing storyline informing you of the goings-on of the current war and your role in it. Challenge mode chips away the bulk of stories and let you get into the fray immediately. It does not offer much new, but its direct offers of battles may appeal to those action buffs. Points mode, as you can predict, charms with rich rewards; and Assassination mode motivates you through making you the offensive party. Apart from the difference of purposes, they are also nuanced by several minor setup options. The first two modes allow you bring up to 3 other players into a battle while the latter two let you choose a customized fleet (both fleets and warships can be edited in the shipyard) and a planning timer.

By selecting a game mode and an available mission, you can start a new war, which are played in the same way more or less. As your ships cannot auto-navigate, you need to determine their routes by tapping them and dragging the forward/backward button away from the ships. The paths will be dotted in green, the brighter dots meaning achievable distance while the darker ones indicating that the place has exceeded the maximum coverage in one turn. When an enemy ship appears in the ship’s sight, weapons would be automatically activated. The automatic fires may come in handy once in a while, but they are by no means the best choice, because during cooldowns a weapon cannot fire at all. By controlling the ships yourself, you have a chance to clear enemies in a more effective way and take less damage, in addition to having great fun of being a commander. When tapping a ship, you will also see weapons, available shield and a rotation icon aside from the movement icons. Each weapon has a fixed range which will be shown in a green cone if you click on it. If the enemy ship is in the green area, you may move the aiming reticle to the target and add more shots by dragging more plus signs on it. Even if the target ship is not in the range of any built-in weapons, you can steer your ships in an adjusted direction for a certain distance to include your enemies within your shooting range. This is risky and may make your ship swallow several bullets, but usually proves strategically wise in the long run.

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Leviathan: Warships may confuse and tire you a little with its sloppy control mechanism, but once you get the hang of it, you will definitely enjoy steering a fleet of warships on the vast ocean expanse to destroy and sink enemy ironclads alone or with your friends.

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