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Earlier this month, we reported that Leviathan: Warships will be available for iOS on April 30, 2013 and it was due as scheduled.  But moments ago, the app was removed from the App Store probably due to unstable performances and connectivity issues.

Paradox Interactive later announced on its official forum that the release date for the iOS version has been delayed to May 2, 2013 because the just released iOS version of Leviathan: Warships was mistakenly pointed to the wrong server addresses, which was unable to connect to multiplayer online campaigns.

The post published on the Leviathan: Warships forum said: “In some regions the tablet version has already gone live for iOS, and if you’ve purchased the game and are experiencing these issues, we’re again very sorry. The new patch has already been submitted and you’ll have an updated version as soon as it goes live.”

Adding that:”The PC/Mac version of the game is not affected and will release as planned in about 10 hours.”

Since we downloaded Leviathan: Warships earlier today and played it for a while, only to find that it was performing poorly on iPad 2.