Kingdom & Dragons is a Kingdom building game where you manage your kingdom, create, trade and enchant items, and mine gold.

In the beginning, there were only rocks, sand, and sea. 12 Dragons ruled the world. As time passed, forest, river, and huge mountains were created. Humans became enlightened. They formed society and expanded power by building the kingdom. Eventually, they clashed with the Dragons. In the end, humans successfully defeated 9 of the 12 dragons, surviving dragons went hiding deep in the underground to recover their strength. It was the end of dragon era. The human era has begun.

Several hundred years later.. Avalon, which unified the continent through countless wars, was the only remaining human kingdom. However, several hundred years of peace proved to be rather poisonous for humans. After years free from war and conflict, human kingdom fell shortly in the hands of monster. Humans who managed to escape from monsters scattered over the continent and formed bases to continue their efforts to reclaim their kingdom once again.

To bring their kingdom back…

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  • Three unique heroes: Templar, Bowmaster, Enchantress
  • Cartoon style graphics
  • Deep strategy to balance battle and resource need
  • Multiple Skills – passive and active.


  • Bebechubz

    The game is so awesome and really fun to play! Everyone should have this game its amazing!

  • Aaron523

    I like how you actually battle instead of simulate it.. But there seams to be a problem during battle and your character freezes while the “Enemy’s” kill you would be better if you could fix this problem.

  • Ciulisoe

    Fun to play. Kills at least 30 minutes like nothing. And you actually ger to play. P retty awesome. Hopefully there can be an offline mode when there is no Internet.

Kingdom & Dragons Review Coming Soon