Kabam Slots is a newcomer of slot game developed by Kabam, the maker of plentiful megahit strategy games like Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North, Dragon of Atlantis and Arcane Empires. Compete online with thousands of others and try to hit the Leaderboads. Test your luck to hit the huge jackpot!

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  • 30 paylines
  • 5 spins and bonus games
  • Accumulate stars to gain more paylines and loots
  • Upgrade to unlock the slot themed as your favorite games
  • Snookey bear

    I enjoy this game more than any other game. My only advice is that if you could program in sending gifts of coins each day or night just like in the game lucky bingo, it would help people play longer. I find it a great idea. Please help us, thank you!

  • Narfian82

    Great game to kill time! So addictive! It would be nice to level up quicker, or have more open games, or send bigger bonuses after level 10.

  • Marie Mcvinish

    Love this game very much, but my game keeps sticking and won’t roll properly sometimes. Please fix it. Thanks!

Kabam Slots Review Coming Soon