iSaveU is a casual adventure game developed by NELSON CALLE. All you need to do is rescue your special someone who has been kidnapped by a Lonely Evil. Take an adventurous journey, jump and run across thick woods and the floating cake-shaped path to defeat the evil while evading countless obstacles. Strive for your love or friendship or whatever in the tasty environment.

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  • Attractive 3D scenes
  • Over 350 apparel items to customize your character
  • 20 challenging levels
  • Free updates
  • Juan Rivas

    Hi thank you for the review.

  • Daniel

    I love this game! What incredible graphics! The music is really cool and the first levels are amazing, I had so much fun!

  • granmilano

    Exellent game! the graphics and the music are really good. The levels are challenging, i like that.

  • Charrasqueado

    Great Game!

iSaveU Review Coming Soon