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Worshiped by thousands of fans around the world, Iron Man is now coming to our lives in a new way. Powerful as usual, this time he would like to partner with you. Isn’t it exciting? Thanks to Gameloft, Iron Man 3 – The Official Game is released, in which you are endowed with the rare opportunity to help him fight against his old foes and eradicate evil.

Runner games keep springing up with similar gameplay. To stand out, they must have quite a few eye-catching elements. As for Iron Man 3 – The Official Game, the blockbuster movies Iron Man and Iron Man 2 provide it a large pool of prospective fans. In addition, the sequel movie Iron Man 3 is set to hit theaters soon. Excitement for the new film definitely shines a spotlight on this game. Such emotional attachment matters for games adapted from films. Hit or miss? Generally speaking, if the characters in the game behave and feel like the beloved characters of the film, the game will have a good chance to be favored. Most importantly, everyone shares the dream of being a superhero with the power to save the world Iron Man 3 – The Official Game hits these criteria admirably. Without further ado, let’s have a close look at this much-anticipated game.

Iron Man is as handsome and brave as usual and looks even more charming in his almighty armor that glistens in the sun. Cast in the role of Iron Man, you will confront the A.I.M forces, and engage in head-to-head fights against other overwhelming enemies, such as Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living Laser, and the mighty M.O.D.O.K.

The controls are simple and friendly enough. You initiate attacks by tapping or sliding on the targets. You move left or right by touching the screen accordingly or, more conveniently, by tilting your device. Every kind of armor has a special weapon, whose meter will fill up over time. The special weapon icon is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen. When it turns orange, you can tap it to unleash a destructive super attack like the Striker Missile, Unibeam Blast, or Frost Charge.

As a matter of fact, it is the mighty armor that makes Iron Man what he is. The coolest part of this game is that there are 18 upgradable armors available for your hero — of course, this isn’t free. You need XP, ISO-8, and Stark Credits to unlock and upgrade suits. Each time you complete a specified mission, you will be rewarded with some ISO-8. Stark Credits can be collected while flying or harvested by destroying enemies.

The power-ups in the game include Fusion Charge, Alpha Duplicator, and Proton Field. Respectively, they will help you speed up, double your score, and protect you from attacks. You’d better take every chance you get to collect them.

Now prepare to fulfill your mission as a hero to save the world from being attacked by evil. Iron Man flies at high speeds both high in the air and close to the ground. Either way, you may find yourself in a flurry of obstacles from time to time. The missiles, drones, billboards, cars, planes, and other densely placed hazards make your path full of uncertainty and danger. You have to develop good reflexes to dodge them reliably and strike back at the same time. It’s all about your sharp observation and reflexes. If you accidentally kill your hero, you can either start over or revive instantly at the cost of ISO-8.

The game’s visuals are stunning. Every scene is rendered in detail. In particular, the clear blue sky dotted with clouds is authentic enough to be mistaken as the real one. The game offers three different locations: Malibu Shores, New York City, and China. Travelling through sprawling metropolises and serene and picturesque towns in China, you can totally get a glimpse of the local conditions and customs. What an exciting and diversified gaming experience this game delivers!

There is no end in Iron Man 3 – The Official Game. Keep trying and challenge yourself as well as other players around the globe. Show the world what defines a hero!

  • Gameplay8
  • Graphics8
  • Fun8
  • Features8
  • Presentation7
Total Score7.8

There is no end in Iron Man 3 - The Official Game. Keep trying and challenging yourself as well as players around the globe. Show the world what defines a hero!