Iron Man 3 – The Official Game is an endless 3D shooting runner from Gameloft as a companion to the much-anticipated superhero movie – Iron Man 3. Thrust into the shoes of Tony Stark, the powerful Iron Man, you will find yourself flying across the game’s multitudinous worlds, firing at enemies and collecting in game currencies all the time. Rising A.M.I forces as well as four hard-to-handle villains including Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living Laser, and the mighty M.O.D.O.K will crop up in succession, threatening to destroy you, but 18 suits and a series of powers that can be researched, updated and purchased may give you a chance to survive both massive shooting scenarios and one-on-one boss fights, provided you have good reflexes.

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  • Amazing 3D visuals create a thrilling action background
  • Responsive swipe controls make the flying and shooting experience enjoyable
  • 18 upgradable suits impart great charm to the hero


  • Themexican0524

    This is definitely one of the best games I have ever seen in the App Store. Awesome and just absolutely fun!! Then when the update came out, it made the game even better! Just love it so much and recommend it to all App Store players.

  • DR Christman

    This is a great and addictive game, but it’s too difficult to get new armors. More disappointing is how they have recently started moving the goalposts, increasing the price of some armors while at the same time raising the price of buying more credits. Please don’t ruin a great game.

  • Jack Kite

    I do love the armor collection and the endless runner format, but I do wish the armors I unlocked on my iPad were also available on my iPhone. The pace for acquiring new armors is either so slow or expensive that cross-linking the progress would be really helpful! I do think the ability to rearrange the built armors would also be a plus.

  • Dave36485

    The game is pretty redundant. You do the same thing for the whole game, and it takes forever to get enough experience and money to buy good armor. Don’t invest a lot of money if you plan on paying for in-game money because the game stays the same. No new levels or anything. Worse, getting the best armor consumes more time and money in the update. Don’t update!

  • General0987

    I really enjoy this app. It is similar to temple run but I find it much more entertaining and challenging. You start with a set of armor and can gradually unlock and buy new more powerful suits. What I don’t like about this comes from the newest update. The game was slowed down massively in my opinion. Before, the game went really fast and made it more challenging, but now it is slower which makes it far too easy. I do like that the price of new suits was decreased, that was much needed as they were very hard to unlock before. In all, the game is great, and I would definitely recommend installing it.

  • Iriboto

    It’s pretty fun, but all of the suits are way too expensive and you never have enough of the currencies to buy more storage or suits. Just lower all of the prices.

  • Avery Owen

    I think that this is a big improvement from the Iron Man 1 & 2 games for iOS! The graphics could be better, and the game gets repetitive when you are doing the same flying route every time! I will keep this game in hopes that you will do some update improvements on it soon!

  • Joshuaspider

    Well it is the exact opposite of responsive but nice quality anyway. I also think you need to lower your prices down. Way too expensive to build the MK 2. I also hope you guys add new suits like MK 1 and classic armors.

  • CommandBen

    The game albeit difficult is extremely fun and has great fan service by including a ton of iron man armors. I would highly recommend that you give it a try.

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