Remember the captivating characters Peaches, Diego, Ellie, Manny and Sid from The Ice Age? Ice Age Village offers you the opportunity to join them. In the game, you, accompanied with those iconic figures, will assume the mission to build a new village in the world of ice. Keep leveling up to unlock myriads of animals, buildings and unique ornaments. Compete with friends and see who owns the most charming village.

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  • Iconic figures from The Ice Age
  • Funny and challenging quests
  • Put up your own village and visit others
  • Bring in friends from Facebook or Gameloft LIVE
  • Constant updates with new characters, quests and mini games
  • Toy0803

    I love this game, but the acorns are too hard to get, and they are too expensive to buy. Please make it easier to earn.

  • Ryanicats

    Great game! It keeps expanding and adding new things to keep the interest going.

  • Kristy Wisty

    Usually love it, but since the latest update it crashes constantly, and my friends have disappeared and it can’t connect to the Internet. Frustrating!

Ice Age Village Review Coming Soon