Inspired by a Cartoon show I AM MT still live in China,  I AM MT: Card Battle is a collectible card game for iOS featuring WOW characters and items, delivering everything a standard CCG has to offer- card collecting, dungeon crawling and PVP challenging. What’s more, its amazing graphics and hilarious gameplay will not fail to indulge you for hours’ in-depth play.

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  • Cute animation
  • Packed WOW elements
  • Tons of cards from I AM MT Show
  • PVP combat
  • Login to gain daily rewards

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  • HoneyBunny

    So funny if you ever played WOW. I can see why it’s all the rage in Asia.

  • beniveii

    It’s really a great game. I was impressed at the fun and addictiveness.

  • Graphics8
  • Fun8
  • Gameplay8
  • Replay9
  • Presentation8
Total Score8.2

I am MT: Card Battle is a splendid game. The game itself is well crafted. The RPG elements make this trading card game much more fun to play. The whimsically designed characters and plot were evoking hearty laughs for those who are familiar with WOW or the I am MT animation. Read More about I Am MT Review

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