Heroes of Strategy is a strategic RPG for iPhone and iPad in which you need to build your team to battle against monsters in dungeons. The dark Knights is now orchestrating a series of conspiracy in an attempt to destroy all human beings. To stop their conspiracy, you must build your team, recruit and level up heroes to beat down those dark evil knights.

If you are familiar with Warhammer Quest, you will feel right at home with Heroes of Strategy because both of the games share the same gameplay. And you must recruit heroes and deploy them in the battlefield/dungeon to attack enemies. Battle of “Heroes of Strategy” is turn-based. Once you choose a team to attack enemies, you must decide hero’s attack order and relevant actions like moves, skills and items.

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  • A turn-based Board strategy game like Warhammer Quest
  • Heroes with unique abilities and skills
  • Deep strategy
  • Stunning dungeon designs.

Heroes of Strategy Review Coming Soon