Gun Commando is a FPS from Ripstone Ltd set in a world torn by alien invasions. Human beings and civilization are teetering on the brink of destruction, and there is only one guy who has the power to turn the tide. He is Gun Commando, Jack Bennett, a veteran mercenary with tons of heavy weaponry. Guess what? You are Gun Commando himself in the game! 24 challenging levels featuring various deadly alien waves and formidable bosses promise a plethora of epic shooting scenarios, and an innovative upgrade mechanism for weapons will surely spice things up step by step. You are to take down those aliens one by one with your impeccable shooting skills.

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  • Beautiful hand-drawn artwork by Romano Molenaar
  • Profuse mass-shooting scenarios and one-on-one boss fights
  • Intuitive swipe controls make shooting easy and fun


  • MiOdd

    I need better controls. I really like the concept of the game very much, but I just can’t control it comfortably. It could have been a fantastic game but I don’t think I’ll revisit it before the control scheme is improved.

  • Pomadour47

    Tons of potential here. Love the art style. Smooth play. The controls were the issue for me for at first. Ser the sensitivity to 8 and play a bit, you’ll get used to them. The key is to understand the weapon upgrade system. Missing shots can eventually downgrade your weapon. Hitting upgrades them. The first boss kept destroying me because i was just running around strafing him and missing a lot not the way to go. Excellent game.

  • Milky Way rd

    Levels are short and difficult enough to were I can beat while I poo.

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Gun Commando is an incompetent shooter that has unwisely and awkwardly messed around with old-school pixel aesthetics and fluffs at button-free control, but 24 levels and endless automatic weapon upgrades give the game a decent sense of depth and scale. View more in Gun Commando Review.