Gopher Launch is an interesting adventure game that features highly detailed 3D planet models and elaborate graphics. The objective is to help Gopher back to his rocket before the auto-launch program initiates. You should control Gopher like a pinball to bounce and roll your way across the labyrinth-like pathways while evading obstacles and collecting as many fusion crystals as you can. Since you have to race against the ticking clock, you’d better rotate the 3D planet to plan your path across the obstacles before each level begins, or you can pick up the time boosts along the journey to gain extra precious seconds.

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  • Highly detailed 3D models and awesome graphics
  • Controls: drag back to launch Gopher, and control him to bounce and roll like a pinball
  • Various obstacles and traps to overcome: stones, bushes, wooden boxes, conveyor belts and many more
  • Collect crystals to unlock more planets
  • Collect time boosts to gain more seconds


  • Jenk Jenk

    Ok, so I play smallworlds and I’m confused…I downloaded the app on my computerm, but I still didn’t get the gopher wear. What else do I have to do?

  • Add me ai Nicki Ross

    I had a gopher sold one for 800 gold than I send one to my other acc gift it to me and go another and sold it 1k token and then I went on my other acc and gift it to me and I didn’t sell it again.

  • CCsmill

    I play smallworlds and I got the wearable. Thanks SW crew! You have to log in ur sw it’s the button on the left top coner.

  • Canaimajones

    Also I know the peeps who made it and it is still an amazing and beautiful game!

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