Glory of Generals developed by Easy Tech is a military-themed strategy game, in which you will be a commander to accomplish more than 60 campaigns during World War II. Embark on the expedition with hundreds of famed generals and break through the fortifications of enemies on over 300 varied terrains. Take advantage of the terrains and strategically deploy your naval and air forces to besiege enemies. You can also upgrade the military facilities in your headquarters and recruit other officers to reinforce your fighting capability.

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  • Helpful tutorials
  • Over 300 different terrains in 4 battlefields
  • Hundreds of generals
  • Strategic deployment and battles
  • Online multiplayer mode
  • Auto save function
  • Christopher Anthony Fulford

    Can you up the heal rate in ports & cities please. It is a redundant feature when it takes 3/4 of the game time to restore 1/4 of a units health. You may also want to look at the cost of medals. I have spent $120NZD on medals just to do the Axis Western Campaign… compared with the price of a PC game ($80NZD) that I can play for years, that sucks! Especially when I am only 1/3 the way through. I appreciate the purpose of this game is to make money for you, but you may want to bring that in line with the gaming industry. I am tempted to remove the game to save my money! That said, you have a good game & is true to spirit of the original Panzer Generals game & it is great to see it on iPad. If you need help with your English text, let me know, as it full of errors, & I would be happy to correct it for you.

    • Christopher Anthony Fulford

      Ok, so I thought maybe you were just not good at play balancing your game, but after my 8th attempt on your centre campaign on the eastern front it is pretty clear this is actually about money. $200 later, I admit defeat, this is clearly extorting money, as there is no way a side starting with less resources & units can defeat the larger & entrench Red Army as the Germans. Uninstalling & bad rating. You suck!

Glory of Generals Review Coming Soon