Game of War is a marvelous real-time strategy game that puts you in the position of building up a fantasy kingdom. Join thousands of online players to set up a thriving city and forge a formidable army. Research new techniques to level up your fortress and weaponry. Take strategic steps and rally a group of players in joint efforts to defense your cities, as well as expand the territory. Make ceaseless efforts and you will be the next legend!

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  • Stunning real-time combat
  • Build up a unbeatable city
  • Ally with many others
  • Upgrade buildings and weapons
  • Equip your heroes with self-crafted weapons


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  • Gameplay
  • Fun
  • Features
  • Strategy
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In general, Game of War: Fire Age is an old-school strategy game with refined visual presentations and diverse gameplay modes. Regardless of how nondescript the gameplay is, it is well made and there are some new features that make it less tedious. I do hope the graphics are better optimized, since even though the game features extremely detailed pictures, the switching between interfaces often froze. View more in Game of War: Fire Age Review .