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Fire and Forget The Final Assault is a fast-paced shooter developed by Microids. It pits players against a terrorist group that threatens to destroy what is left of humanity. Players need to drive the car Thunder Master III to shoot down all the gangsters scattering all over the world.

The game offers three modes in total: Normal, Hero and Nightmare, each of which consists of 10 levels. Every level is set in a seemingly different place. But all the places do not differ from each other.

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The controls are very simple. You just need to tap and tilt. You can use the round icon at the left side of the screen to switch your car’s movement mode, from running on the road to flying in the air, or vice versa. You can initiate attacks by simply tapping the missile icon or the cannon icon on the right as your car is equipped with two powerful weapons: a manual double cannon with a sighting device and an auto-guided missile launcher. As a matter of fact, your vehicle will move automatically. You don’t need to accelerate or brake, but you can control its moving direction by tilting your device side-to-side or up and down. You can also adjust the attack direction in this way.

At each level, you have to deal with both living enemies, including a boss at the end, and physical obstacles, like buffers at the edge of the road, mines, billboards, wire fences and even sharp turns in the road. Try to sweep away the miscellaneous minions which are firing bullets or dropping bombs until you confront the boss. In the meantime, you need to avoid all the obstacles as far as possible. It’s quite challenging when your vehicle is moving at high-speed. Any friction, a slight bump or a serious crash, can deal damage to your car. Once your car is 100% damaged, the game is over and you have to start all over again.

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There are many items that may help you during your assault. The most useful ones may be Life and Heavy Fire. One Life restores your car’s health by 5%. One Heavy Fire doubles the damage you deal to the enemies. Just grasp every chance to collect them, the more the better.

Since your vehicle is in poor condition at the beginning, it’s essential for you to renovate and upgrade it constantly. To this end, you need medals. One medal unlocks one customization item for your vehicle. Furthermore, a medal is rewarded based on your final points at a level. You can get one only if you reach the medal point-set at the beginning of the level. Your points are calculated based on seven indexes: Enemies killed, Life remaining, Remaining missiles, Distance traveled, Firing accuracy, Bonus, and Obstacles. Killing enemies is the most effective way of earning points and picking up stars as bonus is the easiest way. In all, you should try to kill all the enemies at minimum cost.

Fire and Forget The Final Assault is an intense and stimulating shooting game. It features intuitive controls, awesome 3D graphics and infectious sound effects.

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