Farmkey is a tile-matching game from Lifetime Digital Media that promises you an especially interesting matching experience with easy-to-learn gameplay, great visual effects and a series of bizarre and effective powerups. In this animal world, Farmkey is a superb wool sweater maker, making beautiful wool sweaters every day, but a lot of jealous and mean creatures like Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Monkey are attempting to steal his sweaters all the time. Fortunately, Farmkey can gain superpowers by drinking the milk from the magical milk bottles he has found to fend off greedy foes. By dragging and linking three or more animals of the same color or suit, you can blast them in one sitting. Besides, a dazzling lineup of powerups are available for you too, including Bomb, Thunderbolt, Detonate and Wipeout etc. provided that you have enough magic milk.

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  • Interesting settings
  • Vivid and colorful visuals
  • A great variety of powerups
  • Intuitive gameplay
  • Good Games

    So fun…got to high score in iPad mini, than phone.

  • http://none none

    I love the graphics it’s great and the game is enjoyable to a point.

  • jetcity73

    Nicely done, should include Facebook friends so we can compete.

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