Dungeon Hunter 4 is a new installation into Dungeon Hunter, the hack-and-slash action RPG series developed by Gameloft. This new game is set in a monster-infested world, where players select to be the warriors, knights, rogues or mages, explore the monster-populated dungeons and exterminate those hostile and dangerous beasts. Players can team up to take down invincible bosses or challenge other players to a duel. While retaining the classic controls featuring joystick as well as skill and attack buttons, the game introduces new dungeons and a new weapon upgrading system.

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  • Compelling Storyline and stunning visuals
  • Hack-n-slash action to dynamic soundtrack
  • Hundreds of exotic creatures and mighty bosses
  • Juicy Loots and dropped items
  • PVP modes in arenas
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  • Vinh Loc Phung

    Best graphics for mobile platform. Smooth and flawless, but I stop playing it after two days. Items are so expensive to buy. Extremely ridiculous is that potion can’t be exchanged with gold but real money. I will install it again if the next update allows fair trade policy.

  • Fat goaly

    Never have I played an RPG that is literally impossible unless I use real money to buy weapons, armor, and even potions! It could have been a good game, ruined by the relentless presence of premium.

  • Babby Blu

    It’s really a good Diablo-like game. It looks great and controls great, but why not just make it a full game and charge accordingly? Those micro transactions just kill it! If you are looking for a fun game which only requires time payment, you’d better get dungeon hunters 1 or 2.

  • brandon

    Workclock dungeon . Find your way through the door how to clear

  • jerf

    find the key

  • david

    crashes constantly.

Review Overview
  • Visual
  • Gameplay
  • Action
  • Storyline
  • Controls
Total Score

All in all, Dungeon Hunter 4 has exceeded my expectation in many aspects with its state-of-art graphics, epic storyline, realistic soundtrack and interesting gameplay. These highlights is likely to push it to a height where only a few titles, like World of Warcraft, have reached. Read More Dungeon Hunter 4 Review

User Rating: 2.4 (8 Votes)