Draw Something 2 is a new sequel to the mega cult addictive social drawing game Draw Something. In addition to the original gameplay of drawing and guessing words, Draw Something 2 offers new drawing tools and gadgets and many other features that resemble a social game in many ways. In the game, players can also follow friends and celebrities to cooperatively or competitively play with them.

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  • More drawing tools and over 100 colors allow you to create your masterpieces
  • Participate in the Daily Guess and Daily Draw to earn coins and rewards
  • Play with your friends and show off your drawing skills. Or simply share your work to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Jesse Lynn

    My friend recently downloaded the update for the game. Ever since then she is unable to log into her account. It says she needs to make a new one. Can you help her Zynga?? Her screen name is bhir2

    • Lisa Ann

      Same thing for me…no help yet

  • McRebkah

    Even with the new bug fix my app is still crashing when I try to open it, but other than that I loved it.

  • Hate beauty dentist

    It good except every time I go to a person profile drawing I click on it so I can see how they draw it but nope all it do is just freeze thnx draw something 2 or otherwise thi it’s fun.

  • Bunnyfoofooheadface

    I love the tools this app has for drawing and painting. The artists who share here are also very inspiring.

  • Patricia

    Que se hace cuando te quedas sin tinta???’

  • Joe Masset

    Game works horribly on my iPad 2. Loads of my drawings are missing, and new drawings (mine, and many others’) appear as blanks on my homepage. OS gives me generic responses, and they’ve been promising to fix the problem since the start of June. Game could be my favorite. If it worked. But it doesn’t. So it isn’t.

  • Trisha Giorgio

    Oh that’s reason. I thought something wrong I found this help

  • Em

    Daily Guess doesn´t show on mine. What can be wrong?? I have never seen it!

  • Tracy Ries

    My daily guess has stopped showing up. I miss it…

  • Lisa Ann

    My stuff disappeared once I upgraded to paid version!

  • Beth Fuhrmann

    REFRESH IS NOT WORKING! It’s not on my end either!

  • Paula Hall

    How do I get the sparkle pen

Draw Something 2 Free Review Coming Soon