Dragon City Mobile is a dragon breeding game for iOS devices based on the original Facebook version. In the game, players construct and decorate habitats, and then populate them with dragons of various types. When upgrading to certain levels, these dragons can be bred to reproduce new species, or used to battle with other opponents. The ultimate goal is to collect all of the dragons of more than 100 types.

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  • Cute graphics
  • Prosper your dragon city by breeding and combats
  • Massive collectible dragons with new species available each week
  • Two social mechanics: help and visit friends, PvP battle

Forum: http://forums.appsgoer.com/forumdisplay.php?493-Dragon-City

  • Bocky01

    I believe that dragon city is a fantastic game for all ages. It’s really addictive and I could play all day. So many types of dragons to breed, hatch, and level up. You can visit your friends and send them gifts as well.

  • Jenjamm

    I like the vibrant colors and the design features in this game. I can leave my dragons alone, and I find that they have earned much for me when I come back. It’s so amazing! Bonuses are available via farming and combat, etc. Really well established.

  • Jeffx21

    It is very similar to DragonVale. So far so good, but annoying that the higher earning dragons always have to be based on a habitat with a low limit. DragonVale is the same.

Dragon City Mobile Review Coming Soon