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It hasn’t been long since I AM MT, a beloved cartoon series inspired by World of Warcraft, turned into a mobile card game whose server collapsed on the very first day of its release as a result of an unexpectedly large number of active players. And now, DOTA Heroes, featuring adorable heroes based on those characters in DotA, another title originating from World of Warcraft’s developer Blizzard, has come in the wake of that mobile game.

Lots of the heroes in DotA and DotA 2 are now transformed into adorable characters on cards that are collectible throughout the gaming process. Players place strong Dragon Knight on the front row, agile Drow Ranger and intelligent Crystal Maiden at the back or at the flanks and then embark their adventure through levels and campaigns.

DOTA Heroes closely resembles to I AM MT in gameplay. Battle is automatic and players have to design strategic formations, equip heroes with powerful gear, and acquire powerful skills in advance. During the battles, heroes unleash attacks or their supportive skills in an order determined based on their respective moving speeds.

This new card game, however, lacks competitive edges when compared with I AM MT, which leads in injecting intrigue and novelty into classic game spinoffs and enjoys a huge player base thanks to the popular cartoon series.

DOTA Heroes has been downloadable from since May 13 and is currently available to Jailbroken iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch only.

Check Out some Heroes from DOTA Heroes

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