Deus Ex: The Fall is the latest entry of the smash-hit action adventurer series Deus Ex. It all begins in 2027. You, the former British SAS Mercenary named Ben Saxon is trying to find the truth behind global conspiracy that concerns your own life. Now you are all on your own in this hazard and got no way back. Floods of enemies will be coming after you, so look out and don’t panic!

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  • Exciting and detective storyline
  • The great realistic art style
  • Huge environment to explore
  • Explosive sound effect
  • Multi-dimension gameplay experience
  • High impact action and combat


  • g3lr0d

    I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far… it has smooth controls and a customizable HUD, with one caveat. It won’t play on a jailbroken device. I understand protecting the app against cracking/pirating, but preventing paying customers from playing on a device they own and legally modified is ridiculous.

  • Bobjkh

    The developer is in no obligation to support those who have jail broken their iDevices. Stop giving bad reviews to a great game because you made a choice. And from what I know of jail breaking, you can just restore you’re device.

  • HourGlass1995

    It crashes too much. I’ll just be walking down the street, and it will crash. Come on, stop the bloody crashes. It would be a 10 star game without the crashes.

  • Anna Marons

    first working cheat to this game

  • kbeez34

    This easily the best mobile shooter I’ve ever played across all platforms. Every mobile games controls should feel this responsive and fluid. And graphically? Can’t believe games made for our PHONES look this amazing.

  • FX112397

    You gas passers need to fix the fart problem of crashing so I can play this gassy game without getting farted back to the home screen. Gas goods. Fix this.

  • Goatberay

    The 1st mission was great! Really felt like deus ex! But after the end of the 1st mission it kept on crashing. Please fix Square Enix playing on a iphone4s.

  • T_R_M

    Looks and plays great. Very fluid frame rate, little lag. Controls are smooth and responsive. I’m new to the Deus Ex world, but so far I’m enjoying the story line. Solid game. Good work fellas.

  • Gumball rocks

    Truly the best app and to those people are complaining because they jail broke their phone that’s what you get you took the risk.

  • Bonz1121

    Great game all around except that about every 5 minutes the game close by itself. So unless you have been saving your progress every little while then once the game closes. You have to restart the game again and start at your last saved position.

  • jcj

    Story freezes when I speak to “Alvarez Araujo” I get to a point where I am supposed to answer a question/riddle and but my options are grey (not fully loaded), the music keeps playing, and the character keeps moving. The game doesn’t fully crash, doesn’t kick me to the menu…just stops loading. Playing on iPhone5.


    • Brandon

      I am having the EXACT same problem. Have you found a solution?

      • jcj

        Still waiting.

        • Brandon

          Okay, I just got a message from support. They have updated the app. All you need to do is start it. It should have updated.

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What else can I say? This is a really good game. I'm excited to see a new triple-A title hit iOS. If you're a fan of first-person shooters on iOS, Deus Ex will have no problem swooping in and becoming one of your favorite single-player FPS games on the platform. If you're already a fan of Deus Ex, you're going to eat this up. It is a full Deus Ex experience. There's lots of exploration, different playstyle options, and narrative paths. Finally, I recommend this game to all but the most casual of gamers. Even if you generally dislike first-person shooters and have never played a Deus Ex game before, I can't imagine anyone being disappointed over dropping $7 for The Fall. The production values are top-notch for iOS, the gameplay is really interesting thanks to all the non-obvious choices you'll have to make, and the story is engaging and fleshed out with all kinds of supporting material. It doesn't matter if you like games most for the eye candy, gameplay, or story — Deus Ex fits the bill for all three. Read More about Deus Ex: The Fall Review